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laundry business

(*) The most technologically advanced service

Who We Are

clean is at the forefront in the self-service laundry business in Europe

We have built over 500 laundromats with our brands


Update Your Service

users love us & so do our operators


Of users prefer clean to other laundry services


Of operators would recommend our app

clean: a perfect system

Fully integrated operating system, providing real-time status of all machines to both operator as well as the user

  Machine availability
  Reserve your machine
  Pay through the App
  Get notified on the status of your cycle
  Around the clock support through App

What We Can Do For You

Precise, in depth & updated control of your data

  We provide the design of the space by neatly placing our brand while adapting to the operators’ requirements
  We provide the machinery, management, support and technology
  We monitor the use of our machines and provide assistance through the app 365 days a year, interacting directly with the user
100% transparent accounting
Urgent maintenance. Assured response within 24 hours
Monthly Preventative Maintenance

 Our Network

clean a strong brand with a network of experienced professionals striving to guarantee you the ultimate laundry experience for you and your users