From the initial design to the daily management. We cover it all

And when we say we cover it all, we mean it
Initial design and installation. 24/7 technical assistance. Direct contact with your clients. Own developed app. Everything.

Personalized Design
Thoughtful functionality. Our focus on aesthetics sets us apart from the competition. We know what the end user wants, and we plan ahead to minimize future challenges.

Installation We assume all the costs and work closely with you to ensure we finish the installation promptly and with successful results. We are hands-on, reachable, eager to follow the build out at each step.

Maintenance Technical assistance is 24/7 and preventative maintenance is at least every 3 months, so most of the problems are solved before they even occur.

You control your data in real-time. Your final user enjoys the service hassle-free. We manage the day-to-day operations with efficiency and proactivity because we know the issues that may arise.

What we offer is a service

Our objective is that you forget you even have a laundry

Get to know us

Clean Soap

Commit to sustainability
We are also on a journey towards building a greener, more sustainable world. Our soap is 100% natural and comes in a format like no other on the market, which improves the transportation and storage, lowering our carbon footprint.

LG and Alliance Experts

Use our expertise
We may not be manufacturers, but after installing over 1,000 LG and Alliance washing machines across Europe, we have gained the same in-depth knowledge, making us the foremost experts.

Clean APP

Increase customer satisfaction
Your clients will be able to manage their laundry experience through our own developed app, which also allows us to manage refunds easily and offer a comfortable service.


Own the numbers!
Access real-time information about your commissions and the laundry’s usage at any given time.

What we offer is a service. Our objective is that you don’t even realize there’s a laundry in your facilities

Partnering with us means getting the full experience:
  • 100% transparent accounting.
  • Data accessible in real-time.
  • Regular preventative maintenance.
  • Personalized service and technology.
  • Fully flexible pricing based on location.
  • Day-to-day management fully covered.
  • 24/7 technical support, response within 24 hours.

We aim to be the smartphone of laundry services

Easy to use, hassle-free and with a great look & feel

Ready to start?
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