About Us

We are owner operators offering an end-to-end service you can rely on

Our journey is a reflection of our commitment to make a difference in the self-service laundry industry

The Past

Clean was born in 2018 with the idea of offering a far superior laundry service to students in student halls.

The Present

In just five years, we have grown from 3 to nearly 200 laundries across Europe, becoming the most international company on the scene with laundries in over 10 countries.

The Future

We see a bright future, and therefore we strive every day to create the easiest, most aesthetic and most efficient laundry service. We are passionate about achieving that through long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and collaborators.

“How can we help you?”

is the start of every conversation

We know you are the one who truly knows your business. And this is why listening to you is the first thing we always do

The Team

Meet the core of a much bigger team across Europe
We may be the brains, but we’re also the first ones to roll up our sleeves at any time

Jackson O’Kief

CEO and Founding Partner

Originally from Florence, Italy, Jackson leads the company in its day-to-day and its expansion from the company's headquarters in Barcelona Spain.

Coley O’Kief

Founding Partner

Originally from Eugene, Oregon USA, Coley moved to Italy in 1992 to create the first self-service laundry franchise chain in Europe, opening over 400 locations under the Wash&Dry brand. He currently resides in Florence Italy dedicating his time to different projects.

Giovanni Landini

Founding Partner

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Giovanni has been growing and managing one of the leading facility services companies in central Italy. Thanks to his expertise Clean has been able to position itself at the forefront when it comes to maintenance. Giovanny currently resides in his home town of Florence.

We work closely with you to share our years of expertise

with integrity, accountability, passion, and commitment to innovation

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