Borderless. Frictionless. Cashless. Easy!

Book and control your laundry through cleanapp and forget about waiting times and unsolved issues, thanks to our 24/7 direct assistance service.

Download your laundry cleanapp


Doing your laundry has never been easier

1. Download 
the app
2. Check out 
available machines
3. Book your 
preferred slot
4. Pay through 
the app
5. Control the washing cycle 
from wherever you are

Clean was born with the idea of offering a far superior laundry service, 

this is why we offer an end to end service that guarantees we are here for you

Has the machine got stuck?
Has the app not worked?
Are you struggling with the process?
Reach out and we’ll sort it out

An app developed by an experienced team

+200 self-laundry
facilities across Europe
+10 countries
+30 years
of experience
Experts in LG 
laundry equipment

Check out all what you can already do with it:

➔ Check the machine availability
➔ Reserve your machine at any time
➔ Pay through cleanapp
➔ Get notified of the status of your cycle
➔ Reach out for support at any time through cleanapp

Download your laundry cleanapp

Download now
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