One solution for every need
From the initial design to the daily maintenance
We offer end-to-end personalized solutions that care about style and functionality. Whether in an apartment building, student residence or elsewhere, we are the first point of contact and take care of everything.

Student housing

We founded Clean to provide a far superior laundry service for students and have become experts in optimizing the operations in this growing sector.

Pleasant environments, effortless payments and easy-to-use machines. The app allows students to reserve, pay and check the status of their laundry. We are the first point of contact for any problem that may arise, as well as maintenance and repairs.


Forget all the hassle involved in running a laundry and count on us to do it for you so you can focus on your business.

We offer the best solution for backpackers while travelling as it is cashless, borderless, and easy to use with payments being made by just scanning a QR code. We manage all the issues that may arise and ensure proper maintenance to optimize the efficiency of the machines.


In this fast-growing sector, efficiency and style are a must. We make sure to be close to you to respond with flexibility at any time.

Thanks to technology, our commitment and knowledge, we better our service every day to keep up with the pace. Our own developed app makes it hassle-free for users, and your personalized dashboard will help you keep your finances and operations under control.


With thousands of customers every day, using cash becomes a barrier for users and operators, a source of problems and unsatisfaction.

Our own QR code payment service allows users to pay instantly with one click and check the status of their laundry at any time. We offer a 100% transparent service which you can check in real time with your personalized dashboard. Moreover, we offer a 24/7 support service to sort out any issues that may arise.

Military areas

Over the recent years, we have committed ourselves to offering the best laundry services to ensure an efficient operation.

Our focus is ensuring the maximum optimization of the machines and its operations, making sure users have a hassle-free experience paying and managing their laundry through the app and offering a 24/7 support service. We are one phone call away and ready to respond.

From the relationship with you and the end user, to the perfectioning of our technology

We strive for the best

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We know you are busy
so we make it simple

You send us the building plans, and we design, adapting everything to your requirements.

We take care of the installation, and inform you along the way.

We proactively maintain the laundry, so you can keep calm and carry on.
You can focus on your core business as we take care of the rest.

Knowing how the machines work, and how the system operates, means we can focus on driving constant innovation

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